25th Street Treasures, LLC

Take a Walk in the Past

The Ogden Farmer's Market is another event we like to participate in, often times having a booth set up out front on the sidewalk displaying some of our special items.  The Farmer's Market takes place on Saturday mornings, usually starting the end of June and running through the end of September.  It is a great time to come down and enjoy all Ogden has to offer.

Another fun event that occurs on 25th Street is the annual Car Show which is usually held the first weekend in June (but don't hold us to that date).   It is so much fun to see all of the old cars and chat with their owners.  This event usually includes food, drinks and live music on the street.  Kathryn loves old cars and owns a 1954 DeSoto so this is one event she really looks forward to.

December and January Clearance Sales are a normal part of most small businesses.  During the end of December we have a huge sale to reduce inventory.  This is a great time to come in and make an offer on something you have had your eye on because we are more willing than usual to wheel and deal on our antique and vintage merchandise.  January is also a really great time to get some reduced prices while we thin out our merchandise and get ready to shift seasons.  

Other events we participate in are:

Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Fair
Tin Can Tourist Northern Utah Rally

Witch Stock
Harvest Moon Festival
Christmas Village and  Christmas Parade